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Expiration Date Guidelines

Last updated: [September 01, 2023]

These Expiration Date Guidelines outline the policies and recommendations for selling diabetic supplies to Diabetic Goldmine. Please read these Guidelines carefully before selling your items on the Diabetic Goldmine website.

General Guidelines

  1. Unexpired Supplies: We only buy back unused and unexpired diabetic supplies. Items must be within 6 months of their expiration date.
  2. Integrity of Packaging: We do not accept opened boxes of supplies. Packaging must be unopened and intact, as we cannot verify the integrity of individual items within opened packaging.
  3. Damaged Supplies: Damaged items cannot be accepted. If items are damaged during shipping, a portion of your payout may be deducted. Properly package supplies to ensure safe transportation.

Expiry Date Verification

  1. Check Expiration Date: Before selling your supplies, verify that they are within the acceptable expiration range.
  2. Visible Expiry: The expiration date should be clearly visible on the packaging of the supplies.

Packaging and Shipping

  1. Secure Packaging: Protect your supplies during shipping by using appropriate packaging materials such as plastic bags, paper bags, bubble wrap, and newspaper.
  2. Use the Provided Label: Once you accept our offer and complete the checkout process, you’ll receive a free shipping label. Attach this label to your package.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about these Expiration Date Guidelines, please contact us.

By selling your diabetic supplies to Diabetic Goldmine, you agree to abide by these Expiration Date Guidelines.

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